We're making some changes! We’re updating our name to Google’s Product Experts Program. Same community of experts, shiny new brand. Please note that we’ll soon be moving to our new site (currently in English only, more languages coming soon!) -- productexperts.withgoogle.com

Roll out the red, blue, yellow and green carpet

When they’re not sharing their knowledge in the Google Help Forums or on Help on Social{@}*{@}, you might find our Top Contributors testing new products, attending a Google event or hanging out with members of the Top Contributor Program. Here are a few program benefits.

Attend Summits

Come experience the Google life for yourself when we fly you out to our campus for the Top Contributor Summit.

Be a beta tester

Get exclusive invites to try Google products earlier than the general public. Your input helps influence the product before it hits the market.

Join a Community

Top Contributors form a community with other people who know a thing or two about Google products. Meet and make lasting friends, chat online and hang out at Google events.

Meet Googlers

You will have direct access to Googlers, in case you ever have a question or want to share an idea.

Attend Meetups

Top Contributors are invited to attend regular Meetups, where you can meet and hang out with others in the program.

Help Others

Every question you answer not only helps the person who asked it, but everyone who searches for it in the future. That’s some serious feel-good karma.

Give and get back

Listen to Top Contributors describe what they love most about the program.

What's It Like to Be a Top Contributor?

Hear from some of our members what Top Contributors gain when they use their Google product knowledge for good.

Benefits of being a Top Contributor