If you're passionate about Google products and love to help others, you've come to the right place. The first step to joining the Top Contributor Program is begin sharing your knowledge in the Google Help Forums and Help on Social{@}*{@}.


Shine as a Rising Star

Once you begin answering questions on the Google Help Forums or Help on Social{@}*{@}, you're eligible to join our Top Contributor Program and become a Rising Star! We're constantly scanning the forums and Help on Social for helpful members that demonstrate product expertise and a passion to help others.


Become a Top Contributor

Once you have demonstrated enthusiasm and expertise as a Rising Star, you may be invited to become a Top Contributor. Top Contributors have extensive knowledge about Google products and are community stars.

What does it take to become a Top Contributor?


Be an active member in the Google Help Forums and/or Help on Social{@}*{@}

Be a member of the forum and/or Help on Social for a minimum of four months

Is active in the Google Help Forum and/or Help on Social on most days

Promotes and contributes to the health of the forum

Excellent quality and tone

Is friendly and patient when responding to others

Provides clear, thorough and accurate answers to help and educate others

Interacts with Google employees, Top Contributors and forum members with a positive attitude

Passion for Google products

Demonstrates expert product knowledge

Provides constructive product feedback

Top Tips from Top Contributors Becoming a Top Contributor

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Becoming a Top Contributor